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Magnetic Signs -- Care and Handling

Step 1
For car and truck applications, be sure the vehicle is clean and well waxed. Pretest the entire surface for magnetic adhesion. Magnetic signs will adhere to steel surfaces only. Body fillers, such as fiberglass, will decrease or eliminate holding power.


Step 1
Step 2
Be sure that both the surface where the magnetic vinyl is to be applied and the plain brown magnetic side are free from moisture, dirt, dust and other foreign particles.


Step 2
Step 3
Before applying, allow magnetic to warm to room temperature. The temperature of the metal surface is not a factor. Allow one edge of the magnetic sheet to contact the metal surface. The rest of the sheet will then adhere itself to the surface as you allow it to make contact.

If repositioning is required, remove the entire magnetic sign and reposition. Do not attempt to pull into place as this could scratch the metal surface and stretch the magnetic sign.


Step 3
Care & Maintenance
It is common for moisture to collect between the magnetic sign and the metallic surface. Remove the sign at least once a week and dry both the metallic surface and the magnetic sign. This is particularly important for cars and trucks. Failure to periodically clean and reposition the magnetic sign could result in damage to both the sign and the metallic surface.


Step 4

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